15 December 2017

The BACS Trust, of which I'm the chair, recently invested time and energy in putting together a grant proposal for the Peter McKenzie Fund. We were unsuccessful in the end, but the process of applying; the bringing together of our members for a single purpose; the awareness raising of the issue; and the sheer enthusiasm for the cause that we uncovered; tempered our disappointment.

In my work with charities, I've often found that creating a project that might be funded by someone, greatly increases the motivation of the staff and get's their creative juices flowing. Rather than grant funding being a boring and dull task, it has the potential to galvanise work groups, teams and members for a common cause.

In this case, the challenge of "fixing" child poverty became a motivational tool. We brought together our members. We challenged them to workshop ideas. We rallied around the cause and decided that regardless of the grant application we would theme 2018 around "child poverty".

So the learning here is that while grant funding could be boring, it has the potential to be a very creative and motivational tool, that can bring teams together.


For more information about BACS Trust visit the website http://bacshares.org.nz/


Heather Newell

Director, Foresee Communications Limited and Chair of the Bacs Trust

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