Welcome to our new website!


We're very excited about joining Flightdec Communities and our new stylised website which reflects more accurately who we are and what you can expect from us.

Thank you to Fraser and his team at Flightdec for helping us with developing the website. A special thanks to Jem Yoshioka for her wonderfully gorgeous illustrations to help us present Foresee Communications in a unique and creative way. After all, that's what fundraising and communication is all about.

Here at Foresee, we believe in providing unique and creative solutions to your communications and fundraising programmes. This means getting to know you, understanding how you work, and working alongside you to achieve excellent results in creating a financially sustainable future for your organisation.

We'd love to keep in touch and provide you with our insights into fundraising best practice, what's happening in the sector, and sharing what our clients are up to. How bout you sign up to our eNewsletter below or check out our very first blogpost of 2016, from Director Heather Newell.

Hope you enjoy having a look around we're glad to have you here.

LN-Welcome to our new Website

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