We promote the "gentle art of fundraising"

Welcome to Foresee Communications — leading fundraising training organisation with 25 years experience in training all levels of fundraisers, in all types of fundraising. We provide training, coaching, and mentoring to help you find the resources you need to save the world. If you want to raise the most possible money for your cause, then we have the tools to help you achieve it.

  • Identify the possible sources of income
  • Learn how to raise more money
  • Find new donors
  • Build lasting relationships with like-minded people

How we do it

We'll teach you how to be more efficient about your fundraising, to quickly learn more about what truly works, hear about ideas that can make your fundraising sustainable, and find people who are interested in your work.

To do this we provide resources, share experiences, case studies and practical examples. We also host regular professional development and training programmes. For us, fundraising is a gentle art. It's not necessarily about the money, it's the important work that needs to be achieved.

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Champions of Change for the Charity and Non-Profit Sector

A one day symposium to address challenges such as creative disruption, sustainability, co-opetition and collaboration, growing philanthropy, and accountability.

This event concluded successfully on 13 March 2019. Look out for a new date for 2020.
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Pathway to Fundraising Excellence

A locally-designed sector training course, and a forerunner and pathway to the internationally recognised and essential fundraising qualification, CFRE

The two-part, four-day workshop is being offered by Foresee Communications. Each of the two-day, face-to-face workshops will allow time for networking, sharing and questioning. "Learn how an understanding of the theory will help you to grow a fundraising culture in your organisation".

Part One: Introduction to Theory and Practice  | TBA
Part Two: Fundraising Strategy and Planning  | TBA
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Earn CFRE credits by attending Pathway to Fundraising Excellence
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