Foresee Communications is all about charity fundraising. We have a long history of providing tailored solutions to our charity clients in the areas of  fundraising and corporate partnerships. We have a well-established reputation among charities,  non-profit organisations, government agencies, small businesses, community networks and trusts.

Director Heather Newell, MComms, CFRE, FFINZ is widely recognised as a leading practitioner of fundraising and an expert in corporate social responsibility. In her 25 year fundraising career Heather has raised millions of dollars for a wide variety of charities, as well as training hundreds of fundraisers. She has developed the professionalism of the sector by producing two specialist subscriber publications - Sponsorship Profile and Fundraising New Zealand (in partnership with Tony Pilalis), and has updated all the content of the Certificate in Fundraising for the New Zealand environment. Today Heather has created a comprehensive fundraising course - Pathway to Fundraising Excellence - which provides fundraisers with the skills and knowledge they need to advance their fundraising career. Heather is currently the Chair of the BACS Trust which promotes Business and Community relationships for the benefit of society.

We are a full service fundraising agency but our aim is always to provide your organisation with the knowledge and training; the systems and processes, the policies, the coaching and mentoring for charity fundraising - to go it alone!

Foresee’s wealth of knowledge and experience is highly valued by all our charity clients, with repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals well-represented within our client portfolio.  Foresee has achieved effective solutions by providing strategic advice and guidance in areas such as:

  • fundraising plans
  • corporate/community strategies
  • fundraising feasibility studies
  • marketing and communications advice for charities
  • corporate partnerships and fundraising evaluation
  • corporate relationships
  • donor acquisition
  • donor research
  • trusts and grants
  • direct mail and regular giving for charity fundraising
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