The Path To Financial Sustainability - The EMNNMS Report


Foresee Communications has developed a tool to make fundraising planning easier and to show you the steps towards financial sustainability. 

You can our EMNNMS Test here now - it will take you about 15 minutes. [Link] - Use survey monkey to complete.

We all want to reach the magic goal of financial sustainability for our non profit organisation. Reaching sustainability is not about luck but about good planning. It won’t happen overnight but with good planning it is achievable for any kind of worthy organisation. First you acknowledge where you are, and then you set about planning the activities that will take you towards sustainability, step by step.

The fundraising plan is fairly simple in itself. It’s the who, why, where, what, when and how. The process of preparing for the fundraising plan though can be made easier by understanding where you are starting from, and what your destination is.

To make it easy to start at the right place, a simple questionnaire had been devised by Foresee Communications to show you where you are as an organisation, and what you can realistically achieve as you aim for fundraising sustainability.

The questionnaire, called the EMNNMS test, comes from the first letters of the five stages of non profit development as designed by Foresee Communications. These stages on the continuum are EMerging,Newsworthy, Networking, Maturing and Sustainable.

At any stage of your planning process, you can answer the EMNNMS questionnaire and get an immediate report on what should be included in your forward planning.  For example to undertake a national appeal you must have a significant number of volunteers. To gain volunteers you must advertise your cause and build relationships. To advertise you must have gained publicity and promotion for your cause. The EMNNMS test takes away the hard thinking about where the right place is for you to start.

To complete an EMNNMS test, give yourself 15 minutes to complete the questionaire. Once you've submitted, we'll send you an invoice for x. Simply pay $25 (incl. gst) and you will be emailed a report which outlines where you are on the continuum and what immediate steps you can take to move to the next stage towards sustainability. We guarantee at least five recommendations to implement straight away. Please give us up to 10 working days to complete your report.

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