Shocking Fundraising Training Statistics


Following on from my previous posting about the lack of training for fundraisers, I was reminded that there is some good information from Execucare’s biannual salary survey which last came out in 2016. I’m looking forward to seeing whether there is any improvement on some of the statistics in its next review. The most disappointing statistic was that of the 402 respondents to the survey, 81% of them had no recognised fundraising qualifications and yet this factor appeared to have no discernable impact on how much they were paid.

For the information of those who don’t know much about fundraising in New Zealand the two recognised qualifications are CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive) which is currently held by only 13 people, and the Certificate in Fundraising which has not been offered in 2018.

Two more horror statistic

  • 44 % of fundraiser respondents have never attended any events, conferences or regional events put on by the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand
  • 31% of the respondents do not belong to any professional bodies

Heather Newell

Director, Foresee Communications Limited 

Shocking Fundraising Training Statistics

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