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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had an entire fundraising team with widespread expertise working in your organisation?

For most fundraising organisations, however, there is little budget for more than one or two fundraisers who tend to have general skills.Outsourcing your fundraising to Foresee Communications ensures you get a full complement of expertise, without the commitment of employing full or part time staff.

We have a range of expertise within our team to provide the full fundraising, communications and marketing mix required to raise more money for your organisation. Our fundraising expertise covers direct mail, appeals, corporate relationships, donor database management, bequests, events, major supporter relationships plus much more. We have the perfect mix of general and specialist fundraising expertise.

Our fundraisers have a minimum of Certificate in Fundraising with experience in working with a wide range of organisations.

Director Heather Newell has achieved the CFRE qualification and is a Fellow of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand.

Find out more about our staff here

Outsourcing is an option for small and medium sized charities. We can cover your donor enquiries, 12 hours a day, five days a week. To the outside world, you are on call at all times. You don’t need to budget for Kiwisaver, holiday pay, ACC, desk space, professional development, memberships. All those administrative activities are replaced with a flat fee that we negotiate according to your needs and your size.

Talk to us about how outsourcing can work for your organisation.

“Heather is a skilled mentor, with sound knowledge in the Fundraising sector. Her expertise has benefited our charity greatly.”

- Michelle Bouton, Fundraising Manager, SADD


“The fundraising handbook you sent me is so valuable!”

Community Fundraiser


“The headline on opening this mailing grabbed me straight away. It’s precise, highlighting exactly what donations achieved last year. It also makes it clear that the need for Women’s Refuge service is only increasing."

Direct Mail Appeal Feedback






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